Judi with Mom and Dad

Judi with Mom and Dad

It all started when...

My Parent's adopted me from Seoul Korea. I was young, about the age of 10 they think. My father was Polish and German and my Mother was Irish and French. They lived in suburb of Chicago IL. My mom and dad loved Pierogies and would take me to the best restaurants in Chicago. Unfortunately my mom wasn't as good of a cook as I am, but living in Chicago, I had the opportunity to eat the best foods in the world. My passion for cooking started way before the windy city. I loved to cook even when I was in the orphanage. I would sneak into the kitchen and help the cooks. I missed cooking and ended up cooking for myself and my family at a young age. 

I have always cooked for my family and friends but never professionally. I was able to meet the love of my life in Chicago. A Lebanese Man who's family is from Niagara Falls and who accepted me into the family with open arms. They shared their family recipes with me. Some were delightedly surprised to find out, that I a Korean, could create some of the best Lebanese food they've had! 

My first husband was Italian and my daughters loves Italian food, but who doesn't! It's so comforting. 

It wasn't until I hit my mid-life crisis that I decided to follow my dream and become a chef! I left international banking to follow my dream. I enrolled in the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute and graduated with hopes to start my own Food truck. 

With my multi-cultural family of Korean, Italian, Polish, Irish, and Lebanese I couldn't just choose one cuisine for my food truck, so I just picked them all! 

From our family to yours!! ENJOY

-Chef Judi